MSM 1000    9

Daddy Saj was Cheche, Emerson Tutu party Bingo man was Zagaza everybody was happy.

MSM 1000 is back again with his brand new hit single “TRUTH” outlining some of the issues and challenges the Sierra Leone music industry is face with. He brings these issues to light in a unique form that has never been heard before.

This track called “Truth” was well produced by Gangsta and from the camp of Matchbox Music.

Kindly check out Truth by MSM 1000 who really went hard on this track and let us know what you think about his bars.

MSM 1000 steps up to the mic to lay out the problems affecting the Sierra Leone music industry in his new hit single, Truth.

MSM 1000 is a Hip-Hop rapper from Sierra Leone. He writes and performs popular, Gospel and awareness raising songs and work to promote positive, impactful messages.

He released his EP in November 2020 called Music Saves Mind highlighting what his initials, MSM, stands for.

This EP features Chacha. The EP is an exciting mix of themes ranging from Gospel to Love through Hip hop rap music, showing MSM 1000’s ability to keep things fresh with new sounds.


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