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Night Line Music has dished out the meaning of Nylima Cibi, a phrase in Sierra Leone local language on a song.

“This song is one of the best I have listened to coming from a Sierra Leone music maker” – Massive.

yeh mua nyanbah mu gbwua, ar take am to mi gial tell am mek e low key, ar say e two nor dey, got a brother from another mother (Call me JayGlitz), she got the keys to mi heart, nor dey kiss and tell, nor dey kiss nor frog

Night Line Music is a record label owned by three Sierra Leoneans based in the USA from Bo City, Southern Sierra Leone. Individually we have Abu BT Baima (aka TomBoi)James Kainwo (aka Jakes) and Felix Lansana (Fell0).

On “Nyalima Cibi” is Fello featuring Jayglitz after the release of Holy GhostThe TruthBaxineh, and many more that has been produced by LiquidMix.

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