Adfega’s started his career at an early age, deriving his passion for music by listening to different radio stations and exploring different sounds. The prodigy draws his inspiration from daily personal experiences, mentioning his latest hit single, “Compound,” which has taken the music scene by storm, gaining popularity on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Audiomack, YouTube, and other media outlets.

The song with more than 300,000 streams was inspired by his time living in a compound with diverse individuals whom he hardly crossed paths with due to their early departures and late returns from work.

“These moments were some of the most challenging days of my upbringing. I was seeing myself as an idler and have always had self-doubt. It was during these soul-searching instances that made me find solace and creativity through music,” said Adfega.

For Adfega, music is therapeutic, he quit school to pursue his dream of becoming an artist after his family had always wanted him to be a lawyer. 

Unlike some artists, he doesn’t force himself to write music all the time, instead, it comes to him during quiet moments when his thoughts are triggered by various occurrences within his environment. He aspires to create unique songs that explore themes and sounds that other artists may not incorporate into their work.

Despite the popularity Adfega has gained due to his recent chart-topping releases, he is confronted by a multitude of hurdles. Among these, a notable challenge emerges as he navigates through a deluge of individuals proffering advice and counsel.

“Their varying opinions can often be confusing and distracting,” he added. Furthermore, he contends with the intricacies of promotional campaigns, marketing strategies, and the task of connecting with DJs to effectively broaden the scope of his music’s listenership.

Reflecting upon his journey, Adfega’s memories glisten with the myriad challenges he has overcome in the music industry. He has worked tirelessly to establish his name and is going against all odds. Now, he is happy and grateful for the overwhelming success of “Compound.” To him, having his latest song become a nationwide sensation is a dream fulfilled.

To date, Adfega has released an impressive array of singles, including “Frenemy,” and “Give Up” featuring Kalley Bag, his breakthrough track, which became a national anthem and solidified his position as a rising star in the Afro-fusion genre.

Through his captivating melodies, Adfega continues to make his mark on the music industry, captivating audiences with his unique storytelling and spirited performances. As he navigates the ever-evolving music scene, Adfega remains focused on his passion, aiming to create music that resonates with people’s hearts and stands out amidst the crowd.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, a new wave of talent poised to make a mark on the global stage is emerging. Umar Baba Conteh, known as Adfega, is Sierra Leone’s fast-rising Afro-fusion artist that is creating sounds that resonate with a diverse audience. 

Source: SwitSalone


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