Slimpeezee Launch official Website ‘’

This website will be a major point of call for all SlimPeezee’s songs and album releases and events. With the launch of this website, SlimPeezee happens to be one of the few if not the only artist with an official dot com website in Sierra Leone.

On June 2nd, SlimPeezee officially singed a management deal with UK based company De VICTORS; whose primary focus is to Discover, Develop and Deploy the talents of especially young people around the world.

De VICTORS also has 7 strategic arm to its business:

  1. Zero2Hero – an inspirational community based monthly event that brings together hero’s and Zero’s.
  2. Consultancy: focusing on bespoke programs for small medium and large businesses.
  3. Publishing: publishing fiction academic and non academic books
  4. Entrepreneurship in Schools: focusing on embedding entrepreneurship as a core discipline in all schools.
  5. National Youth Service: established with the sole aim of helping youths to maximize their potentials and solve problems in their communities.
  6. Angel Finance: Find and invest in novel ideas.
  7. Fashion/Entertainment: we are about to launch our clothing line and invest on artist in the music industry.

SlimPeezee also officially doubles as the ambassador of De VICTORS. You can view and share his new website by clicking on the link below:

SlimPeezee official


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