Sierra Leone Flag On A Building In London Reigns – Mingles B&R

Abu B Yillah popularly known as @Black_Supahero took a photo of a building with a Sierra Leone Flag in London currently trending on Twitter.

Abu Yillah is a Sierra Leonean Filmaker and currently in Berlin for Ayv International. In 2018, he released a short video which is very catchy and tagged #filmmaking #Showreel.

Yesterday on his way to work, he spotted a building he is thinking of having a week long exhibition at leading up to Independence. This building which is in Peckam, London with two Sierra Leone flags on its wall made Abu to share for anything that looks like green white and blue excites him.

Mingles Bar & Restaurant is at 3 Peckam Park Road, Peckam, London SE15 6TR 020 7732 1444

Check out the drama this flag is causing on twitter below… @NancyLahai’s Reply will shock you….LoL!!!!


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