Nashito Kulala Allay to Produce Good Music

Renoun Sierra Leonean music producer, mentor and coach, Nashito Kulala has promised Sierra Leoneans of a great year and a total change and delivery in the music industry. He pledged his utmost commitment towards achieving this goal.

He disclosed that, Sierra Leoneans have to get prepared to listen to great sounds from different artists (especially new ones) in the country.

‘’it’s a promise that Sierra Leone will hear a variety of the finest unheard artists this year. I pledge my commitment to that’,” he stated.

Nashito Kulala Allay to Produce Good Music

And he’s calling on all artists to give their commitment into good music because good music is a food for the soul.

He ado in saying that, if you see other countries like Nigeria has excelled in musical entertainment today is as a result of good commitment and passion they have show for the music game.


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