King Boss La Condemns Sierra Leone’s Police

One of Sierra Leone’s most popular artists has complained about his country’s police. 

At a recent press conference tagged Why Always King Boss La, the artist, who is also known as LAJ or King Boss Laj, talked about being at the receiving end of “a string of ill-treatment and injustices” meted out by the police.

“I have realised that when it comes to justice, the police do not appear willing to fight for me as a citizen. In fact, all they seem to be interested in is to tarnish my hard-earned image,” he said.

Some of the episodes he mentioned include the police ignoring his complaints concerning acts of aggression on his person and his arrest based on charges he said were false.

A part of the reasons for King Boss La’s encounter with the police derives from his position as head of Red Flag Movement, a group of his supporters named after his record label. The group has clashed, violently and sometimes fatally, with Black Leo, a group of fans and supporters of Kao Denero, another popular Sierra Leonean artist. King Boss La believes members of his country’s police give him extra attention, a situation he decried as unjust.

“Basically, anytime something has happened to me and I have reported, not for once have I ever got any call from the police to say they have either investigated, charged the matter to court or made any arrest,” he said. “Not for once. All throughout this time that I face humiliation and embarrassment, not for once [has the police done anything].”

King Boss La concluded by saying the police should treat him like any other citizen, but the Sierra Leonean police is yet to respond to the artist’s comments.

Source: Music In Africa


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