Kao Denero Explained Why He’s Supporting Prezo Bio

Amb. Kao Denero has been so explicit in his explanation as to why he’s supporting President Julius Maada Bio, the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Below is his statement!

“A peacefull President
Looking back in retrospect,there was a time when this man was in opposition.
A time when he was being redicule to an extent of public laughter.

A time when folks poked on the flight he used to fly from london to freetown,they latched on even the resident he was living at the time claiming it was rented by the former president.

If my memory serve me well,there was even an instance of him being stoned in Bo where he recieved injuries to the head.
They called him jobless plus more unwarranted names for twenty plus years.

Through all this saga,the man was always calm,resolute and never fazed by the pressure from outside.
Police officers then disrespected him to his face but never once did he instructed violence in return.

Today he is the number one stateman in the country.
I respect his slow but sure nature,a character anyone aspiring to lead must immulate.
Tho being provoked several times,this man always mentain a very calm posture.

I amb Kaodenero is a temne by tribe from the north but being appointed by a southeastern President,where is the tribalism in him ?
Where is the brutal nature in him ?
To find a president in this day in age who still reside’s as a guest in someone else house while on the campaign trail is unheard of due to his non tolerance nature for corrupt practices.

By now towards the end of his first term,this man should be bragging of having mansions all over the country.
If you wondering why Kaodenero an artist is publicly showing his support for a politician,this are some of the reasons.

Oh i wish he will enjoy the same peace and wait for your time nature he attributed to his predecessor.
All sensible sierra leoneans should ponder”

Before the last Presidential Elections in 2018, Kao Denero ignored NGC to supporting the SLPP that came out a success.


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