Jakey Jake Bet For The Best Current Rapper Than Him

One of Sierra Leone’s finest rapper Jakey Jake has called for a mike battle for any rapper that feels he is worthy of the new generation king title more than him.

He placed 5 million old Leones as a bet for any rapper that can defeat him on a one on one mike battle on Tuesday coming at the hip hop pullover at 9:00pm with Dj Aelias Conteh.

He posted this on his facebook page and several comments was booked in favor of him on Facebook as the most complete rapper that no one can challenge.

However, several messages were also in support of LOX P as the only mike battler that can calm the feathers of Jakey Jake and win the bet in the hands of Jakey Jake

Xzu B also posted on Facebook and say “AYV Cypher Platform dae o for the ‘new generation king battle’. My money is on Jakey Jake.”

This time around it is a real mike battle call by Jakey Jake .

Below is his post on Facebook

“I only dae make Dis offer once…I repeat I only dae make Dis offer once…If any Rapper feel worthy enough of the New Generation King title more than me kam straight 5 million Leones bet One on One Rap battle Tuesday coming at Hip Hop pullover 9:00pm with Aelias Djaelias Conteh leh we end de debate once and for all take de chance now or forever shut up ball is in ur court my niggaz”


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