Cribs International Public Notice On Court-Case With the Therapist

“The General Public would recall that we, Cribs International (Cribs) a business concern involved in amongst other things the making, producing, promoting of musical talents with a principal focus of showcasing Sierra Leonean talents to the country and the wider world, had put out a notice informing you that our Artist, Jacob Evangelista a.k.a Therapist renowned for the song “NACK” had gone rogue and was acting in breach of his contract with our label.

Our lawyers had duly reminded the Therapist of his contractual obligations and the consequences of his breach of our valid and enforceable contract. Whilst our team was seeking to have him realise the consequences of his actions on his music and career and return for our label to continue to promote his music in our collective interest and Sierra Leone, the Therapist proceeded to commence an action in the High Court of Sierra Leone against our label and its CEO.

The case has just started in court, no Judgment has been passed against anyone. Until that is done the Therapist who himself took the case to Court cannot be the Judge to pronounce the invalidity of that contract and state that he has severed ties with Cribs. We have taken legal advice and can condifently assert that Cribs and the Therapist have a valid and enforceable contract.

We have been advised by our lawyers that when actions are pending in Court (Sub judice) the law prohibit making statements going into the merits of the issues before the court. We are therefore as a responsible business guided by what we say to you the General Public in these circumstances.

Cribs denies in the strongest possible terms any and all allegations of wrongdoing in our engagements with Jacob, the Therapist as he alleges. In the Therapist, we saw a raw talent and invested significant resources when others did not deem him worthy of such investment then; we saw in Jacob a talent we would develop to serve as a spring board to showcase what Sierra Leone can offer the entertainment world. It is our fervent hope that he would not allow himself to be confused and threaten his career just about in infancy stage to infamy.

We have taken legal advice and we believe and are very confident in the weight of the evidence we have, the strength of our case and our very competent team of professional advisers working on this issue. We have every confidence we shall prevail and succeed in our defence and continue to implement our validly existing contract with the Therapist. We have instructed our lawyers and they have filed for the grant of an injunction to restrain the Therapist and all persons aiding and abetting his wrongful breach of contract from continuing with such actions or conduct.

Cribs assure all that we shall defend ourselves fully and take appropriate action against anyone in any and every country where Jacob seeks to perpetuate his breach of contract. We Shall seek full compensation for the breach, our lost revenues and expenses we are now incurring on professionals advisers working on the issue.

Be assured of our long-term continous commitment to promoting and showcasing Sierra Leone talents to the world.

We wish you all happy holidays and a prosperous and productive 2023.”


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