Soufian Kamara, popularly known as Souferior is a Sierra Leonean rapper signed to Red Flag Movement. He is second to last of seven siblings. Growing up in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Souferior witnessed the long Rebel War that affected so many Sierra Leoneans.

His ability to share his horrific experience through his music has captivated listeners across the world. As a result of the war, Souferior was displaced from most of his family members, including his mother and younger brother.

He lived in Guinea for a few years prior to going to the United States in 1999. He lived in Jersey City, New Jersey and attended the Snyder High School and later moved to Woodbridge, Virginia and graduated from Garfield High School. In 2002, Soufian began a Business degree at Consumnes River College in Sacramento. In 2003, he deferred his studies to concentrate on a career in music.

Souferior is arguably the Best and most Talented Hip Hop Rapper In Sierra Leone. His story has been on a steady progress since he started receiving awards for his first studio album ‘Pul Na Do’ which was a massive hit. In April 2012, Souferior released another album title ‘Greatness’ which opened the door for him to join RFM(Red Flag Movement).

Working with RFM as a family, Souferior first released 3 hit tracks: Na Lie ft. Boss Laj, Hold Word ft. Shady Baby and Lose Control Remix ft. Selebobo from Nigeria. In April 27th 2013 Souferior performed with the Red Flag Movement at the Sierra Leone National Stadium where American Rapper Cassidy was the guest performer.

In October 2016, Greatness Album was refixed and released and during that time to date, Sourerior has been releasing singles and being seen on features, shows, and tours. Red Flag Pele also worked with Lex Bubble on Souf&Lex Album which also had a massive play.

Soufian who is based in USA but currently in Freetown with the RFM team is set to release his 3rd studio album title ‘Souf Time’ which is expected to be huge as it is already trending around the Sierra Leone community.

Expect a whooping 12 massive tracks from the “Souf time” Album with collaboration from top acts in the Sierra Leone music industry the likes of: King Boss La, Raga Spice, Kracktwist & Samza, Yung Sal, Pizzy(PM), Eddy (441), K Mill, and Dallas Bantan. “Souf Time” is all set to drop this year and expect nothing but Greatness.








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