Jacob Medo Bangura born July 13 1991 in makeni, father’s name is Mr Jacob B. Bangura, head of business studies department at Milton Margai College and mother’s name is Wusainatu Bangura. He grew up in Kissy Dock Yard, Eastern part of Freetown and later relocated to Red Pump in the Western part of Freetown. Started school at St Edwards Primary School and after the NPSE examination, he continued St Edwards Secondary School and presently at Milton Margai reading SOST/Government.

Jake started his music career at an early age with couple of friends at St Edwards doing freestyle and battling at the year 2011. Jake formed his rap crew named Rap Hood Family with a couple of friends and recorded their first single that same year at TOTAL RECORDS WITH SAM X THE PRODUCER, later on, his friends started to recognise his rap skills and at that time, his music name was LORD DRE. He was registered into his first inter area rap battle competion and he won the battle with 7 other rappers on board  while JADA VIZZLE was one of the judges who told him “yo keep it up”. He then started to work with him and Jake went on to win 6 more rap battles.

TETEH’s elder brother BABS heard about his rap skills and hooked him up with TETEH and he went for the audition at catthouse records and made it.

In 2013, he was officially signed under CATTHOUSE RECODS meeting other rappers like LAJ, XZU B, TEEDY MAC, LIL MAC AND MISSY CREAMS.

He droped street battle and DJ AELIAS HOOKed him UP WITH J RADIO BATTLES at hip hop pullover and he was successful in the battle.

TETEH decided to change his nick name from LORD DRE to JAKE meaning JACOB ALWAYS KEEP EXCELLING.

Presently, Jake is working on his debute album and he is also considered as one of salone’s fastest growing and most talented rapper whose rap skill is describe to be out of this world by other rappers.






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