Doro Prince

My name is Charles Kewullay Conteh AKA Doro prince, formerly called Mr expensive. I’m an Actor, musician, fashion designer, songwriter, and also a playwright. I’m  presently studying sociology at fourah bay college, university of Sierra Leone.

I play Hip Hop, Afro Pop, and R&B.

I started music at age nine, but since I was a little boy I was doing it for fun. I finally succeeded in taking music as a career in 2008, I recorded my first duet with the group called hot brains sqard we were two in number, including myself and fantastic. We did a  song tittle; dance hall ruler.

After a bitter experience with the group, in 2009 I decided to go solo, and I recorded my first single tittle; run which was produce by tox.

Back then in 2012 I had to took part in the Mr SLIMSS beauty and designing contest which was organised by the administration of the school I was attending. My club used to send a representative every year to contest for the tittle, that particular year they sent me to represent the club, I rejected the offer at first, but they persuaded me, and said all kinds of sugar quoted words so I had to accept the offer. I went for the contest and I came out victorious, I officially became the Mr SLIMSS 2012. I was given one year scholarship and later sent to represent the school in the inter secondary school designing and beauty contest and I also came out victorious, I took the first position and since then I had to believed it was indeed a calling so I took it up as a career and I proceeded with many designing contests which I won. 2013 it was Mr Wellington and Mr magnus which I also won. 2014 Mr eastern and Mr fourah bay.

I started acting in 2010 with a theatre group called shining star which was later turned into a movie company. I took acting as a career in 2012 when I joined sajen production. since then I had starred in couple of movies like; my heart desire with shining star, gift wahala Sajen production, my hero, jatu, and American gift Sajen production. And many more still pending.





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