Diamond City

Diamond City are the only collective bringing that fresh UK – Krio swag to the global music market.
Brought together by social media in the spring of 2016, a Whatsapp group was created for young Sierra Leoneans’ in the UK from all walks of life.
With music as their common denominator, PJ ‘Selenks’ a DJ, Rhean ‘Rhe-Perrier’ a songwriter, Josh ‘J.Lavaly’ a R&B singer and Riley ‘Riley Shasheng’ jokingly started talking about releasing a song and creating a new sound representing Sierra Leoneans’ in the UK and beyond.
This joke soon turned into action – Selenks and Rhe-Perrier wrote the group’s first release, Diamond Titi and by our very own Day of Independence, April 27th 2016, it was released to great acclaim and given the ultimate Twitter honour of trending with #DiamondTiti.
Since Diamond Titi, they recorded their first video by the name of ‘Lajila’, which allowed their audience to hear a more gritty side of their sound.
‘Gutter’ followed up with a more reggae/bashment influences about the struggles of coming from the ghettos of Sierra Leone. With each collective member growing up in the UK but having Sierra Leonean roots, they felt it was important to inspire and give a voice to Sierra Leoneans’ that was relatable to the current Afrobeats / Afropop music market.
This led to their catchy stellar hit, ‘AudiBodi’, fronted by Selenks, which effortlessly fuses our local greeting ‘Ow di body?’ with driving an ‘Audi buddy’.
Without promotion or having a major label or sponsor, Diamond City are catching the waves and imaginations of Sierra Leoneans’ and the global audience.
With their first EP set to drop later this year 2017, the world will know, ‘We Don’t Say Hi, We Say Kushe’!

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