Almans B

Alfred Mansaray popularly known as Almans-B was Born in Wilberforce Barracks and growed up in Teko Barracks, Makeni, Northern province of Sierra Leone.

Born in the year 1986 – may 26, Came from a small family with 2 Brothers and a sister. Did primary school at RC Teko Services primary school, Teko Barracks Makeni. Did Junior and Senior school at M.C.A Senior Secondary School Makeni, Sat to  WASSCE 2006. Have Certificate on Computer Software, and a Diploma in Editing and Photography from College Of Language And Professional Studies (CLAPS).

Started Music in 2002, and started recording in 2004 at Minimax Studio. I recorded my second song 2005 at Forensics Record in 2007.  I did my first hit song “Sweety Sweety” in Bodyguard Studio.

In 2010 Traveled to Nigeria and returned end of 2011, and in get another hit song “Time Bum” from Golden Music. Since then  have done a song with Niga Don (LXG) “Talk About”, and also done a song with Camouflage “Otutu Breez”. During the one year Ebola breakthrough, i did an Ebola Tribute Song. The last songs before leaving the country was “WhatsApp Loving” ft Sugar Adonis, and the other song was “Good Bye”.




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