Top Sierra Leone Acts Remember Affected Mudslide Victims

It is a year ago when a devastating floods and mudslides occurred in and around Sierra Leone after three days of torrential rainfall resulting in the estimated death of 1000 and 6000 affected.

It was a sad morning on August 14th 2018 when Sierra Leoneans were buried alive by a mudslide that devastated Regent, a mountain town located just outside Freetown.

Sierra Leone top acts who were in the country at then visited the victims, supported in the little ways they could and asked the government to help the victims and a better way to protect the people of Sierra Leone from such disaster in the future. As reported by , Sierra Leone mudslide survivors still living without homes.

As Sierra Leoneans remember this tragic incident, top acts shared their grief to the victims and to Kelvin Kamara popularly known as America Stress who risked his life to save most of the survivors of the mudslide and lost his life weeks after.

Check below the atmosphere of remembrance from top Sierra Leone acts to the affected victims of the mudslide and the Sierra Leone people.


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