Terror D Replied Boss La After Boss La Endorsed His April 27th Beach Fiesta

Daniel Kamara, a house hold name in Sierra Leone as Terror D, the CEO of Mic City Movement has gladly given Boss La a big shout out for endorsing his Beach Fiesta which is to hold on the 27th day of April, the day Sierra Leone gained independence and must be celebrated the most.

Terror D will be sharing out a show on April 27th 2018 at Lumley beach in Sierra Leone which he is calling “Hip Hop Independent Celebration”. Sierra Leone is to witness the greatest celebration of hip hop, Terror D and Boss La, two profitable artists has finally settled their long time beef.

It all happened on facebook where Boss La posted a banner with the caption that says “Show u don’t wanna miss”. Couple of minutes later, Terror D also posted a screenshot of Boss La’s post from his Iphone with the caption that says: “Shout out to my G Boss La for endorsing my Beach fiesta! This is a clear sign that we are ready to rebrand our industry! Mad love to all RFM fans see u all at the show. April 27 Terror-D! Venue…..Lumley beach car park opposite Mohamed Kallon’s building! Salone Music forever.”

Hip Hop Independent Celebration will be happening live in Sierra Leone on Friday, 27th April 2018 at Lumbley Beach car park opposite Mohamed Kallon’s building. As the two key holders of the Sierra Leone hip hop genre have ended their rivalry, it is likely that the boss of Red Flag Movement and team will be passing by on that day.

Check below for photos of their facebook conversation…




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