Terror D Promising 10 Underground Artists Will Perform With Him Come April 27th 2018


Mic City Music (MCM) is given the opportunity to 10 lucky underground artists to showcase their work on Terror-D’s Beach Fiesta which is on the 27th April, 2018. At Lumley Beach opposite Kallon’s Building! We are asking all underground artists to submit one of their dopest track to mic city music Manager and Deputy Manager on 077345268 / 077337641! 10 lucky artists with the dopest songs, will be given the opportunity to perform on the same platform as their mentors, idols and favourite SL artist. The 10 lucky winners will be informed 2 hours prior to the commencement of the show! Flyer on the comment BOX please help us spread it around and good luck! Cheers Terror-D Mic City Music!

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