Music – Bad X-Tension


It’s a banger yo, three hip hop champions from Sierra Leone on a track produced by the Classic man I.T is a song worth putting on replay. Blings Unit reveals Ritzy, Bonny and Mr. 1ne with this song tagged Bad X-Tension.

This song is recommended for all chilling.

‘Na you talk say you bad, na teday we go know….’



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    • Dark dayz brighter future..

      Neva contributed in our dark dayz bt wan njoy wit we in d future…

      Haters smile wit dem black face wae Benjamin dae drop na we pictures

      Nor bin lek we b4 bt wan kak na we fame now daz nature

      In blings dae appear fish na wata dae scared nor bt vulture…

      U sabi bible na church wae blings get d scriptures..

      D mic na we money 4get bt mercury fixtures…

      Punch line……..

  1. Amazing word play
    Fantastic lyrics
    Accurate timing you guys nailed it 💯
    🎶Ar dae na ya kam meet me🎶
    🎶E mona u kam beat me 🎶
    🎶Bad heart nor fit me man dem drop punch bt dem lines nor reach me🎶

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