Close 2 You

Sean Eazie281174

‘Close 2 You’ by Sean Eazie.

Produced by Sticks.

‘Close 2 You’, is Sean Eazie’s fifth song off his Extended Play(EP) “The Best Is Yet To Come”. It’s a cool Lovers Rock that brings you a blend of English, Krio and Mende lyrics to stimulate your listening pleasure.

Skillss Muzik in collaboration with AzaZi Musik.

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  1. Honestly, I’m moved by his lyrics and soothing voice…I think he is a force to reckon with. With the right management,it’s just a matter of time before he explodes…

    Keep it up Sean Eazie.

  2. Lil Massive,I suggest that you sponsor this post (Close 2 You) so that more people can hear what he has to offer.
    This song has huge potential of becoming a hit if sponsored and promoted well.


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