“…SL, Till we meet again soon. MdG” – Menace Da General

SL, till we meet again.

Life is a journey and a storybook, you write as you go but sometimes you just have to let it take its course as you flip through the pages. My story has been adventurous. I just finished another chapter and i wanna take this time to thank all those that played a pivotal role in it.
I just got back from the motherland and i’ve never felt this fulfilled.
Long story short i’m extremely proud of the man that i am. I’m extremely proud of all you Sierra Leoneans that are woke and fought alongside progression.
Yes i stood up for my people, yes i fought in the frontline of a revolution, yes i’ll do it all over again until we see the change that we yearn.
Thank you Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella for instilling hope in us. We’ll continue to disperse your positive message of growth & transformation, and we’ll continue to fight for the common man of this nation.

Nothing but love for my nation and all Sierra Leoneans.
SL, Till we meet again soon. MdG

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