Best of TTO(Team Take Over)


TTO(Team Take Over) is a music group that is formed by  three talented hit makers from Sierra Leone. The three are currently based in America and are doing it big back home.

Mr Best who is a producer and recording artist first came to spot light after releasing “Gee Den Remix” that featured other artists like: Jay D Plumber, Menace Da General, Shadow Boxxer, Drizilik and Prodigy. Ejatu was featured on the original track but the noise was not compared to the remix.

Jay D Plumber who is in a relationship with Ejatu should be called “Jay and Hip Hop Beyonce”. They are both hard core rappers who are currently working hard to build their music career and the team. Ejatu’s style of music is standard and a reason for Sierra Leone to focus and follow her music journey. Jay D Plumber who is also called ‘TBJ’ is full of energy and tight real punchlines that his music will inspire the hip hop world when protected.

Master Rell, one of Sierra Leone’s most promising producer has been on the sides of (TTO) producing and promoting Mr Best, Jay  D Plumber and Ejatu.

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