News – Yung Sal No longer Signed With Linx Inc

Earlier in April 2016, Linx Inc signed a two years recording and development deal with Yung Sal of ‘Kam Join We’ fame which was witnessed by DJ Boxx, Famous, Betus Stexx, director Nick Asgill, DJ  Jesse, General Maj, Mr Simeon Jonjo(owner of Linx Inc) and invited fans.

According to SwitSalone, Mr Simeon Jonjo signed the agreement which covers the delivery of a 12 track audio album, international distribution and a 2017-18 tour with the rapper.

It has come to the notice of 232MusicHQ that the rapper and hit maker Yung Sal is seeing non of what he signed for and has decided to move on with his own label ‘Bari Starz Muziq’.

Looking back at recent releases from Yung Sal both songs, music videos, even ‘Yung Sal Moment Reloaded‘ which was organized in April 2017, had nothing to do with Linx Inc. It was even confirmed by Abdul Salam that his journey to Ghana in 2016 to record songs for his ‘Korming Tigi’ album and to shoot ‘Bad’ music video had nothing to do with Linx Inc, but all from his pocket and support from family and friends.

That being said, Yung Sal is now a free agent managed by only his team ‘Bari Starz Muziq’.

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