News – Kao Denero Writes a Short Letter To All Sierra Leoneans

Amara Denis Turay popularly known as Kao Denero, a legend in the Sierra Leone music industry and founder of Black Leo Records took to Facebook what he calls “Blossom”. For short,¬†Blossom is the flowers that appear on a tree before the fruit. So what was Kao Denero really trying to tell all Sierra Leoneans on this his short letter?

Actually there are some truth and wise words in his note but the question is, don’t we know this facts about his points or as someone will say ‘The Bad Heart’ is still in the system.

His conclusion will attract you to see reason with him and encourage you to do the right thing so that ‘We All Go Benefit’.

Below is what Kao Denero posted.

Dear sierra leone
Just let your children blossom
That young family member with potential please let them be.
That nephew or niece of yours thats glowing a little more bit than your son or daughter just allow him or her to make it,
Its ok.
That friend of yours shinning too much please just allow him to blossom
That guy around the corner that seem to be too lucky please just let him be.
That step son of yours please let him grow to be able to assist your kids.
That girl that be getting all the attention just allow her to be.
Cus if we all allow everyone of us to reach their true potential trust me one way or the other
Word of the day just let him or her blossom.


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