“Mr. Best’s Album Is The Best I’ve Every Heard Since…” – Teteh Catthouse

One of Sierra Leone’s finest music producer has come up with a statement which reveals his second most complete album since Red Album by Boss La, the CEO of Red Flag Movement. Teteh off Catthouse fame who made the statement on social media is one of the best music producers Sierra Leone has ever seen and he is also known for introducing multi award winning artiste Boss La in the game.

Teteh started with a statement that reads ‘Early morning Salone Hip hop!’, known to be a slogan for Sierra Leone hip hop to be played in the morning. He went further to appreciate the most realest hip hop album which was recently released by Mr. Best and is title B.E.S.T. – CEO & Founder of Catthouse Records, multi award winning producer and a father finally gave out a shout out to one of the producers off the album saying Thy Young is deadly with the keys and his talent is to be respected.

Mr. Best recently released B.E.S.T The Album and has been appreciated by top entertainers in the Sierra Leone entertainment industry and beyond and is available here >> B.E.S.T

You can also get the album in Sierra Leone at the following places:

Obelisk FBC

SLPU Head office 42 Campbell Street

Lumley Print Shop

232 Beach Bar

Parade Field (Inside D Biznes Stand)

Tornado Bar Stadium

Mars Complex Calaba Town

For added information or enquires, Call:

Don Vinon @ +232 99 829372

Lam Sall @ +232 88 836911

Enjoy the best of Mr Best below…

" data-link="https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=%22Mr.+Best%27s+Album+Is+The+Best+I%27ve+Every+Heard+Since...%22+-+Teteh+Catthouse&url=http%3A%2F%2F232musichq.com%2Fmr-bests-album-is-the-best-ive-every-heard-since-teteh-catthouse%2F&via=">">Tweet

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