“The Maada Situation Is A Distraction And Planned Work Between APC & SLPP” – Menace Da General

The Maada situation is a distraction and planned work between apc & slpp. Na way for sen attention to bio for make e look righteous and for Sierra Leoneans to sympathize with him. Inside sources say there was multiple meetings held between the two corrupt parties. Apparently they’re trying by all means to stop KKY from having any chance. They rather hand over power to bio who is their corrupt counterpart. Wetin police en all news reporter dae na e os for. Wetin suspiscious wae dae dae pa lie. God nor go gree. Una don try all kine way for stop wan man but God still dae na e side. KKY you are blessed.

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  1. All this while I have thought that Menance was an Intelligent artist.
    Twwwwwww. Bizzare really, that such words came out from his vocal cavity

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