News – Kao Denero Declares Support Of Kandeh Yumkella As His Candidate For 2018 Election

Sierra Leone top musician and the said king of Hip Hop in the country “Kao Denero” declared his support of Yumkella in his recent song “Fresh face” where he sensitize the people of Sierra Leone to think properly who to vote for in the upcoming 2018 presidential elections.

In his recent song with the queen of his record label Del Vaqyo, he further stated that he is not impress by the All People Congress party (APC) neither impress by the Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP). He also talked about being humiliated by the police for canceling his show for no reason.

The rapper lately posted on his Facebook page saying “What wrong if i support Yumkella? Some of you support candidate for self-interest, some support by tribe or region. Am looking towards development and track records. If Dr.kandeh Yumkella was in any of those two political parties his name will not have been mention on my song. we are tired to support foolish and later grumble about it. fresh face is the song and i stand by it. Middle is an independent position, so if you not impressed with APC or SLPP then join us in the middle.”

Watch out for Fresh Face music video.

Source: TruHitz Entertainment


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