Innocent Accused of Stealing ‘Suffer Porsh’ Concept

One of Sierra Leone’s finest Musician, song writer, producer and sound engineer Mr Innocent who recently released a song title Suffer Porsh has been accused of stealing the concept of the song by Xclusive Brothers recording mate Joejo.

According to Joejo, the Xclusive Brothers were the first to release the version of the song with the title Suffer Posh. To emphasize on his accuse, Joejo went further to add that Xclusive Brothers’ Suffer Posh was released before December 2017 as shown below.

Earlier this week, Innocent also dropped a single title Suffer Porsh with the same concept as the Xclusive Brothers’ Suffer Posh. It has reached the notice of the Xclusive Brothers and they are very disappointed in Innocent for using their concept without informing them. In Joejo’s accuse, he went on to add that he no longer have respect for Innocent as a role model in the Sierra Leone music business.

Innocent who is the CEO of Money Making Machines has not openly replied to this accuse by the Xclusive Brothers but till then, listen to both songs below and let us know what you think about this accusation.


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