“I Still Respect Boss La, But It’s My Right Not To Support APC” – Rahim D Wezard

Rahim D Wezard responds to the rumors going around that he regretted working with Boss La on ‘Big Trouble Na Small Salone’ on his Facebook page some hours ago.

In his post, he first gave a big shout out to all bloggers doing it big. He then added saying he did not regret working with Boss La and he also did not do an interview with anyone.

Photos that came with the post shows Rahim D Wezard in red Kerchief(bandana) and Boss La holding a red cup, red like the color of the APC  logo. What will interest you is the statement saying “if r nor support apc na me rite too”.

Read the full post below.

“So for una den bloggers way day go and rite watin una feel.. wel Ar nor ever regret working with Laj and r nor do any interview with no body so If he support apc that na e rite and if r nor support apc na me rite too…una lef den tin ya”

What the people want to know now is, why did he feature Boss La on ‘Big Trouble Na Small Salone’ when he knew Boss La is red and red was the ruling party at then in such a song?

Wait…the color of Boss La’s raster is now black, but on Rahim D Wezard’s post, it is gold, like the photo Boss La posted on July 4th, 2017. If you are with somebody, you are with somebody at this time.

Vote Wisely and go through a violent free election.


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