“I Shouldn’t Have Featured Boss La On (Big Trouble Na Small Salone)” – Rahim D Wezard

‘Big Trouble Na Small Salone’ is a song by Rahim D Wezard that was released early last year around the time Boss La was released. In this song that the newly released King Boss La was featured in, he made a statement saying “we want new party”.

It is run-off time and Rahim D Wezard is supporting the ‘Sierra Leone People’s Party’, while Boss La is running with All People’s Congress.

All People’s Congress is the ruling party at the time the song was released but this time with a different running candidate.

Check out their supports below…

Rahim D Wezard’s Facebook Post: “If someone says he or she is your fan they would always love,support and respect what ever you do..

When people say they love you and they try to hurt you Cauz you did some mistake that no love..we have seen people kill them selves Cauz the get hurt by people they love…if you love someone you sacrifice for them..

I love salone🇸🇱and am ready to sacrifice my career if that will bring change,development,and happiness for my people by the grace of God


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