“I Don’t Know Those Guys Neither Heard Their Song…” – Innocent

Prince Kuti George, popularly known as  Innocent who was accused earlier this week by the Xclusive Brothers has a message for the Xclusive Brothers and his fans which he disclosed to us in a close interview when asked about the matter.

Earlier this week, Innocent released a song title ‘Suffer Porsh’ which has gone viral and the Xclusive Brothers are accusing Innocent of stealing their concept of the song as the Xclusive Brothers title their’s Suffer Posh with the same concept.

According to Joejo who is a member of the Xclusive Brothers, Suffer Posh was released in December 2017 and has been playing. As the only record available, Xclusive Brothers’ version of the song was only promoted on their official facebook page with a message that says ‘Food is ready… To be premiere soon…’

Suffer Posh was never uploaded until seven days ago when uploaded on youtube by SL ENTERTAINMENT. Speaking with some promoters of Sierra Leone music, they confessed Xclusive Brothers’ Suffer Posh was never promoted.

Adding to the above, Innocent also confessed to us he does not know Xclusive Brothers and has never heard their version of Suffer Porsh before. The CEO of Money Making Machines went further to tell us how he came about Suffer Porsh and how he is overloaded with concepts.

Read below the secret behind Innocent’s Suffer Porsh.

“My suffer posh came from seeing a woman trying to wear high hill shoes but did not know how to walk with it, in other words she is suffering to look good, and there is a krio word that says nyanga na pain. I am a poet and a film script writer so i am overloaded with concepts”


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