Fantacee Wiz Shows The Meaning of BADENYA

Sierra Leone’s very own Actress, songwriter, dancer, Children’s Ambassador & a Traditional Folk singer born in Kabala has disclosed a tip to the meaning of her favorite word Badenya.

Badenya is a word multi award winner Fantacee Wiz has been using for some time now that her fans can relate to when seen or heard but never knew the meaning.

Nor Yelos Mi hit maker took to facebook and instagram a post which she tagged as the meaning of her favorite word Badenya where she defines it to be “connotes devotion to home, family and tradition” and “conveys a sense of community, social solidarity, and shared intimacy”.

She went further to add that what she has given is just a tip to the meaning which goes a lot deeper.

Read exactly what Fantacee Wiz had to say below…


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