Emmerson Endorses Vickie Remoe’s Message To The Next President of Sierra Leone.

Vickie Remoe who is the Managing Director at VR&C Marketing Company and also a close friend to the super star was with Emmerson yesterday evening talking about the Sierra Leone entertainment industry and the way forward.

In their discussion which Vickie Remoe shared on her facebook page are some important requests from Emmerson and Vickie Remoe to the next president of the republic of Sierra Leone and investors.

Emmerson, the last man standing re-shared Vickie Remoe’s post to his facebook page with the comment: “Say it again Vicky Remoe ✌🏾 the advocate them sef need an advocate 😂😂😂”

Read what Vickie Remoe shared on her facebook page below:

“Good Morning,
Spent the evening with a prominent local musician talking about the industry. I left him ever convinced that creative arts & entertainment can fix our unemployment problem. Everyone can’t be a singer or rapper or an actor but the industry needs supporting professionals. Those supporting professionals are fashion designers, make up artists, sound engineers, writers, electricians, producers, graphic designers, photographers, editors, videographers, light technicians, stage managers, and so much more.
These are rarely jobs that require a full 4 year education. They are on the job training and short term courses.
With 800,000 unemployed and under employed young people any new government needs to prioritize the arts & entertainment industry with a direct focus on training and job creation. We need grants, and technical schools and a proper commitment to local content policy especially in this area.
I would like to see first and foremost a President and First Lady who commit at least in the first year to only wearing clothes made by Sierra Leoneans. I would like to see the financial sector collaborating with government and creative entrepreneurs to the develop the entertainment industry. We need to pull our young people along and transform them from dependents to economically independent citizens. 🇸🇱✌🏾”


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