‘Reserve Your Energy For An Open Show’ – Boss La And Kao Denero Blast Artists For Peace

The Artists For peace Sierra Leone is an organization that came into existence to quell down political violence in the Sierra Leone 2007 Elections up to the Run off. The group is made up of neutral musicians all coming together to preach peace and political Tolerance, which has been supported by United Nations Development Programmed (UNDP).

As an organization within the entertainment industry and supported by UNDP with the time they came into existence, it is believed that they should have fixed the Sierra Leone entertainment industry. Artists For Peace aim at preaching peace and political tolerance when there is war among the artists in the whole industry.

Boss of Red Flag Movement, King Boss La with boss of Black Leo Movement Kao Denero alongside other top entertainers in the industry have noticed the ‘free’ show Artists for Peace is set to organize come May 6th and have frowned to it ‘now r dae see artists for peace and other organizations wan put up cheap concerts bout peace n unity all in d name of hustle dis company dem’.

Speaking with fans of Sierra Leone music, majority were speechless when asked about Artists For Peace Featuring Sierra Leone Musicians, Comedians, DJ’s, MC’s and promoters country wide on the official flyer for their ‘free’ show that is supported/powered by AYV, SLCB, Star Tv, Reems Entertainment, Coca-Cola, Star Beer, etc and is sponsored by Africell but, each group of people they are featuring on the show can not give an account of which names Artists For Peace is referring to.

Tell us below what is your take in the above.

“We Are Better Together” which is the show we are hoping will take Sierra Leone entertainment to the next level with your attendance to bless the union is scheduled for May 6th at Bintumani and May 13th at the Sierra Leone National Stadium.


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