M Con90

Jr Muctarr Conteh an African Sierra Leonean Musician best known as M CON90 “THE REALES MC” a Rapper, Singer ,Song writer, Video Director, Started music in 2004 as a Teenager at the eastern part of Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone with a recording studio(Lion mountain studios) owner Med gem/Super gem.


As a teen he was trying his level best, and he was given the chance of recording mix tapes songs for years where he was introduced to a lot big names in the music industry and m con90 was barely coming up he could make it to the radio land and main stream.

He was only marketable to sides of Primary/secondary schools activities i.e. Orientation, African child’s day, Foundation etc. Due to management struggle the lion mountain studio facing years of struggle with financing the Artist of the Record label and the studio was also transferred to another Location from Low coast site 1 to Portee.

But m con90 was still with the record label tho it was hard, continuening with his education too. In 2007 m con90 joined a musical group Africans Blacks word, which was just a coming up musical group, they came across biggie smalz also a recording studio owner signed them as record label artist. They made couple of shows and it was successful, and they were gaining recognition from the streets at that time for mic against mic battle Rap at the former Posh Disco and many places.

In 2010 M con90 went solo because he could went along with the group because of educational reasons, but he was on the low avoiding the studio/professional music scene and focusing strictly on Street Rap which was just for the Love of the Hip pop Culture and making paper.

2011 m con90 won the best rapper of inter secondary school rapping competition which was organized by inspired salone for the Side of Albert Academy.

In 2014 M con90 drops his first Album title “Dedication” an album dedicated to people for motivational purpose it was the Bomb, song like HUSTLE ALL DAY, 2 TURN 4,DIM DIN,LIGHT WASE BABY,PRIDE EN JOY,THE REALEST MC more.

Presently M con90 is working on his 2 Studio Album “Hustlers Dream” be on the look. M CON90 is affiliated with u1h_musik 1993Films he is the Ceo of the Record Label, Founded in 2012




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