JayArr is a reggae singer/songwriter born in Sierra Leone and has been residing in the US since 1989. While attending high school in Silver Spring MD, he joined a reggae band where he honed his skills. During a vacation to Sierra Leone in 2004, JayArr recorded two songs “Rise Up Salone” and “Gonna Miss You” featuring the Jungle Leaders, a talented group of guys with conscious reggae vibes. These two songs were featured on Jungle Leader’s “Same Soup” Album released in 2005. JayArr then went on to record “Back Stabber” featuring Jungle Leaders’ own Funky Freddy – a song inspired by his struggle with dealing with disappointments from his trusted and close friends. JayArr has performed at sold out venues in Sierra Leone, the UK and in the USA. He released his new album “Here 2 Stay” to a sold out audience in one of Washington DC’s premiere night clubs Zanzibar on The Waterfront on 28 March 2009. JayArr performed with Maxi Priest and Beniton the Menace at the same venue to a sold out audience on Oct. 3 2009. JayArr also performed with the late Gregory Isaacs “The Cool Ruler” on July 3, 2010 at Zanzibar on The Waterfront.

JayArr’s debut album “Born Sierra Leonean” has sold over 10,000 copies through his self managed production and distribution company LYOA Incorporated. Songs on the album, Born Sierra Leonean, relay messages relating to the 10 years of political strife and brutality endured by Sierra Leoneans and also focuses on the continual corrupt practices of the powers that be, lending to the ominous sufferings of innocent men, women and children in Sierra Leone. His second album “Here 2 Stay”, featuring the highly anticipated singles “Here 2 Stay”, “Black Rose”, “Turn Me Loose” and “Call Me JayArr”, was released on 28 March 2009. Both albums are currently available in stores and can be downloaded from iTunes, napster, rhapsody, Verizon, Amazon, etc. Albums and singles can also be purchased online from his official website www.jayarr.com. He is currently back in the studio working on his third album “African Child). The album features the singles “Rumors Feat. Funky Freddy”, “Secret Lover Feat Angie Morrison”, ”I Really Love U”-A remake of Bunny Mack’s smashing hit in the 60’s and 70’s and of course the album title “African Child”.




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