Fantacee Wiz

Fantacee Wiz Is a Sierra Leonean Actress, songwriter, dancer, Children’s Ambassador & a Traditional Folk singer born in Kabala, Northern Sierra Lone. Raised In Freetown where she finished her education and studied Networking after she finishes her high school education at the Methodist girls high school, she worked for the Voice of children On the UN radio where she produced and presented a program called Problem Page.

She was with  one of the most popular performing art group in Sierra Leone Freetong Players and later decided to go solo where she opened her very own Sierra Unity Playas, with this group, she toured schools in Sierra Leone, with themes like: Stay in School, Shed no blood for power, etc.

She officially started her music career in 2013 the very first artist to perform at the Pademba Road Prison for male and the special court prison for female.

Fantacee Wiz is no stranger when it comes to entertainment in Sierra Leone, she is involved in issues that deals with children, gender based violence, etc, she is well known for her campaigns, charity work and of course her traditional music which makes her stand out in the industry. Presently she’s working with lots of artists  and producers both national and international.

Just to mention few of her awards:

Sierra Leone Youth Excellence Awards-Best Musician 2013

Online Elite awards- Best Female Emcee 2013

232Connect Awards- Best Traditional Artist 2014

Children’s Advocacy Awards-Best Female Artist Of the Year 2015

Koinadugu Achievements Awards-Best Musician 2015






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