Double Bangz

Some know them as Isa and Hassan Bangura, but to most they are known as DoubleBangz ‘Ah Say’.

The name was created after the two guys meet and performed at an event; Isa and Hassan found out they both carried the surname ‘Bangura’ So they decided to abbreviate the ‘Bangura’ to Bangz and the two Bangura’s became DoubleBangz.

DoubleBangz then started working and released their first song ‘Shake’, then ‘No Lazy’ which see them accepted with their local community and home Country Sierra Leone. In 2012 they released ‘Borcor’ and this song and video captured a lot of attention within the UK Afrobeats scene and other nations embraced DoubleBangz.

Their current track ‘Circulate’ has created some much buzz around the World; they are already headlining shows in Canada and London.

The audio for this track was an instant hit and the ‘Ah say’ boys did not disappoint with the fresh cut video directed by Na Salone Tv.

The ‘Ah Say’ boys are both Graduates; one is a financial broker and the other a graphic designer. Work on their EP is ongoing and yes that EP will be one to look out for Ah Say.





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