Cool J

His name is Shitta Deen Stage name Cool J, he was born in Freetown Sierra Leone located in West Africa. Growing up, he dreamed of becoming a basketball player, but he was always fond on music, he grew up listening to artists like Usher Raymond, Toni Braxton, 2Pac and more.

Even when the civil war in Sierra Leone was going on, nothing could stop him from listening to usher and Toni Braxton cds. In the summer of the year 2000 he came to the United States of America. Since then, he graduated from high school, and currently pursuing an associates degree. He is also a proud father and uncle. His son Kalil and nephew Rahim get up and dance whenever he plays his songs. This motivated him to keep the dream going. In 2008, he formed his own group called BLACK CONCIOUS MOVEMENT.

It means a lot to me because it’s a positive movement and one that he wants to keep throughout his life. In 2011 he released his first Album called THE PAIN. The release party was a success with sold out tickets and booming album sales.

Currently, this 2013 I’m working on my 2nd Album Expect Da Unexpected , my first single Holiday Bluffer was a hit all over the world where I feature Kao and Also Lose control that is creating a lot of impact and also Artists like Kao, Morris, Dallas Bantan, M2, and more. I’m planning on releasing the Album December in America and April in Freetown Sierra Leone. Watch out for a lot more.





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